About me

My inspiration has always come from nature, in all of its diverse modes.

The way in which nature's daily and seasonal changes influence all of its forms: trees, branches, leaves, flowers and landscapes. I feel that the shapes and colors of each and every one have much beauty and joy.

Upon coming to Japan I got inspired by Japanese art, especially traditional Sumie Togei, Kokuji and Calligraphy. My works is characterized in a different way through abstract strokes, and a lot of movement, energy and free shapes. I have my own "language" in which I express the various motives I am doing in my latest works. Those influences can be seen in the elaborate carving and brush strokes along with their Israeli artistic touch give unique results which create expresseive, and at time fanciful works.

I believe that art crosses boundaries, distances and divergences and I would hope that my art does the same.