About me

Born in Jerusalem, Isreal

5 years ago I came to Japan as wife of the Israeli Ambassador.

In Israel I did oil painting and stone carving with Israeli Art teachers and participate in various exhibitions.

I got inspired by Japanese art especially Japanese traditional Sumie as well as Togei, Kokuji and Calligraphy.
I got my inspiration from nature, day and night, all seasons; in every form of it; trees, branches, leaves, flowers, landscape; shapes and colors of each and everyone has a lot of beauty and joy.

I am a part of “Bokuga Group 82” under Sumie Master Kisa Matsushita and Calligraphy Master Keiko Roebuck.
My Sumie work as well as Kokuji is characterized in a different way by abstract touch, a lot of movement, energy and free shapes.

I am a part of “Akiba-Kai” under Kokuji Master Tosen Usuda.
The Kokuji, however, is unique as I am making combination of both Hebrew and Kanji; that has the same meaning. I have my own ‘language’ in expressing the different motives I am painting.

Those influences can be seen in the elaborate carvings and in a brush strokes in my latest works.

The painting and the carving techniques with the Israeli artistic touch that gives unique results to create expressive and, at times, fanciful works.

In recognition of excellence of my work, I received 10 awards.

The message I wish to convey is that art bridge the gap between countries, nations and all kinds of differences and cross boundaries.